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Poster: ghostofpig Date: Jun 14, 2007 3:47pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: it's a man's world

I agree:

My jab at the Bobster is tongue in cheek, as is "Money, Money."

Truth is that as a card carrying all but charter member of the "hippie" generation, the hypocrisy is pretty amazing. "Chicks"? "Wanna fuck"? Sexual liberation is one thing: disrespect is another. The hippie "ethos" and the hippie "reality" straddled that line. yes, there is that yin/yang earth mother thing--love of woman, work of man--but that ideology is pretty narrow visioned when it comes right down to it. But that worked well for all concerned, and I do not mean to pass any judgment here.

Who among us has never spoken with a forked tongue?

Frankly, none of the members of the G.D. are/were or ever pretended to be saints or boy scouts. And that was/is not their responsibility. Jerry never wanted to be a role model. he just wanted you to hear him play that guitar. That's his legacy; the rest just shows that he is a human just like the rest of us--good and bad.

That's why Bob is going to hell in a bucket; and I look forward to seeing them all there in the sweet bye and bye!

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Poster: Jerrob Hungar Date: Jun 15, 2007 5:54am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: it's a man's world

Succinctly put as usual the rest of us, they have feet of clay but they never pretended otherwise...I think Jerry believed that all leaders are basically manipulators and he steered clear...but being a natural born leader, it must have caused some inner conflict...along with the rest of his inner demons. I guess many theses have been written on the morals, ethics and responsibilities of being a public figure but they let their music do their talking though I'm sure much has also been written about the writer's horror of his words being taken literally.

Some folks trust to reason others trust to might,
I don't trust to nothin', but I know it comes out right.

Say it once again now, Whoa, I hope you'll understand
When it's done and over, Lord, a man is just a man.

Some folks look for answers others look for fights,
Some folks up in treetops just looking for their kites.

Whoa, I can tell your future just look what's in your hand,
But I can't stop for nothin' I'm just playing in the band.

Standin' on a tower world at my command
You just keep a turnin' while I'm playing in the band.

And if a man among you got no sin upon his hand
Let him cast a stone at me for playing in the band.

Playin', playin' in the band. Daybreak, daybreak on the land.